Jeff Luszcz headshot

Jeff Luszcz has provided open source and security consulting services to both the largest and smallest! companies in the world. He has experience working with all levels in organizations from developers, architects, managers, all the way to General Counsel and CXOs. His input has helped close some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the technology space and is familiar with the reasons that transactions succeed and fail.


He has been asked to teach open source governance and security practices to companies around the world and share his experiences at conferences including OSCON, All Things Open, Embedded World and the Open Source Strategy Forum.


He is available to help your company learn how to use open source software correctly, manage the risks present in all software, and remediate issues that may come up.


He is also available to help early stage start-ups looking for best practices and concrete advice on how to set up an open source governance practice especially with an eye to future acquisitions.


He has extensive knowledge of open source licenses, projects and the people and foundations behind them.


Jeff has extensive experience in the Cloud, Mobile and Automotive ecosystems.


Please feel free to contact Jeff using the Contact page above.